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All in One News privacy policy

The application “All in One Betting” is an auxiliary application for users who can be fast and easily visit top betting sites. The application does NOT gain access into any kind of usernames/e-mails or passwords; this information is stored, through the selection of the “Remember me” button which is provided from the news and the companies that offer their e-mail services, to the device that is used by the user, and under no circumstances is this information shared with third parties. The user is obliged, for his/her own personal safety, to protect the passwords of his/her accounts, as well as avoid sharing his/her device in which the said application has been installed, with others, for greater safety of his/her personal data. All in one app is a collection of top news sites, user has to confirm the sites privacy policy witch is different for each site. The application “ All in One Betiing ” assumes no liability for any loss of passwords/accounts or for the application’s malicious use since the services it provides are merely of an informative ature. The application  “ All in One News  is not responsible for the wrong attribution in case of bad connection to the internet.